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High Quality and Authentic Islamic Education.

Our course helps your child develop a strong foundation and love for Islam.

Islam - step by step


Why? Your child’s needs to know Islam! Nughair has the most comprehensive English Islamic studies course for your child to understand Islam!

What? Each of our workbooks cover all aspects of Islam, covering not only Islam, Iman and Ihsan, but also how to make Islam alive in your child’s life.

How? By logging in, your child starts the journey from Workbook One, gradually moving seamlessly through the expertly prepared content via our child friendly interface.

When? Start anytime! Weekly newly released content ensures that your child learns at just the right pace to maximise excellent retention and understanding.


Meet the tutors for your online course

Highly experienced and effective
educators trained to create depth of understanding with crystal clarity.

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What we offer

Nughair Academy offers step-by-step courses in a bite size format that keeps kids engaged and enthusiastic about learning Islam.

We all know the lack of suitable quality learning resources on Islam for Kids, resources taught by trusted teachers. Resources that not only allow a child to survive in the modern world, but thrive! We at Nughair have made it our aim to provide access to relevant and relatable resources for kids.
Parents are increasingly aware of safety and safeguarding issues around children’s religious education. Our digital platform is moderated and locked in to be focused on the safety and welfare of your child as a primary goal. 

For many, access to a madrassa is difficult due to distance and time constraints, with busy schedules putting increasing demands on a parent’s time. Nughair Academy offers technological solutions to this problem, with what we at Nughair like to call the ‘Three R’s of successful Islamic education’ today: Reliability, Relevance and Relatability.

To complete the circle of learnings we provide weekly feedback emails to parent’s detailing the key points of content covered in an at-a-glance format, as well as suggestions on how to make the topic alive and relevant to a healthy child-parent relationship through discussion questions and activities.

Interactive Digital Course

Our course is designed to engage children and adults.

Video Lessons

Our talented teachers cover the foundations of Islam in the lessons.


Add notes to each lesson, and access them later.

Parent Reports

Get access to a detailed performance report from the parent dashboard, as well as a weekly email report.


Access to full online version of the workbook. Recommended for revisions!


Exercise your knowledge with interactive worksheets, tests and handouts.


Receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the Digital Course.

What's Included in Your Course

Quizzes, exams and certificates.

Learn at their own pace.

Join a community - social profiles.

Parent dashboard.

Trusted role models.

Video lessons.

Online Activities.


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3. Enjoy a Seamless Parenting Experience.

Balancing traditional Islamic education
with the needs of today's society.

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