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Workbook 1 introduces primary teachings of Islam with depth of knowledge. Lessons cover the 5 Pillars and the Articles of Faith in great detail. In addition, this Workbook introduces the method of performing Wudu and the importance of making Dua.

The Imaan lessons, covering the Articles of Faith, also include an introduction to the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Ihsan section covers Islamic Greetings, the concepts of Halal and Haram, Sacred Sports, Modesty and the Manners of Eating and Drinking.

The last section has lessons on the Shariah, the Masjid, Parents and Family and the Life of Prophet (pbuh).

Workbook 1 introduces the basic teachings of Islam, covering the 5 Pillars, the Articles of Faith, topics on Ihsan and Living Islam.

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