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The course is divided into short video lessons. The students can learn through various tasks such as online activities and quizzes.  As students complete the course, they have the opportunity to test their knowledge through end of topic exams and an end of course exam. Each lesson provides handouts and materials that students can print or work with digitally.  

Workbook 1 introduces the primary basis and teachings of Islam in detail, covering basic foundations, daily life, Ihsan, Imaan and the Shariah. 

Initial lessons will cover the foundations of Islam such as the 5 pillars, the method of performing Wudu and the importance of Dua.

The course includes important aspects of Islam, such as an introduction to the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as discussing topics such as modesty, etiquettes, sacred sports and the concepts of halal and haram.

Furthermore, the course analyses topics such as the Masjid, family and the life of the prophet (PBUH). 

Course Teachers


Teacher Sumayyah

Summayyah is loved by all her students and has a talent for educating and inspiring her pupils.


Teacher Hamza

Hamza always finds exciting techniques to use in his classrooms and always keeps his students engaged.

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